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DEAR ...
I'm sorry i haven't written to You a long time, becouse i work very hard, a long hours, and in my free time i sleep, on the beach or in my bad.But i thing you forgiven me becouse i call to You almost everyday. I'm having a wonderful time here!
We (I and Karol) staying in nicesmall house by the sea side. We paying so small for a two-storey house with every modern convience, and we have a unpollunted view from balcony. In the night we can see stony beach, sea and beautiful west of the sun, and after charming moon... Sometimes i'm very jealous about Karol, when he looking on it with such pasionate.
In one night...something like this what is today. Is as pretty as like a picture. I and Karol get engaged. I thing You are very happy becouse i tell him yes and i know he is everything for me. When we come back we want get merried.
Oh well, that's all for now, Karol is calling me to help him cook a diner.
Pass my kissesto all familli.
Lots of love,
Dear (imię kolegi)

It was the best holiday in my life! My family and I were in London. We stayed in nice hotel near the city center.

Everyday we went sighseeing. First day we saw: Big Ben and London Eye. London Eye was fantastic! I could saw beautiful city. Next we spent our time in
Clarence House and Covent Garden Theatre. By end of the day we ate delicous British food, fish&chips. Suddenly we went to London Bridge,
Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. But now, I am sitting in cafe and i drinking juice and writting to you. We are here only two days:(
I miss you so much!
(twoje imie)