Niewiem kim chciałabyś być w przyszłości, ale mogę zaimprowizować :D

When I was young, I've always dreamt to become a vet in my future.
I still want my dream to come true, because I love animals so much. My every free time I was spending on reading books about animals, or watching them on TV. I think this kind of job is very interesting and it is perfect for people which love animals. By becoming a vet I would help a lot of animals, what I really want to do. After a good experience with animals, I would like to join some animal resque center where I would be helping lots of animals and also I would take care of them.
I really hope my dream will come true and I will be a professional vet in animal resque center.

Mam nadzieje, ze chociaz troche pomoglam :)
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