In the text of Stephen Zeromski Fri "Siłaczka" we can observe several features of rural life. Country presented in "Siłaczce" is "pushed away" from the civilized world. Phone are missing, people are not able to contact each other in a rapid manner. The text also lacks Zeromskiego medical care, the result that the main character dies.
In the novel George Orwell'a Fri "Animal farm" we can see how much effort you put into running his farm. We need to take care of the animals and keep them in the best possible health. We can not afford to any oversight, because it may cost us a lot. The farm takes us a lot of time, we must reckon with the fact that living in rural areas can not have "free time". We must also take into account that we can find a similar situation as the main character "Siłaczki Stefan Żeromski. We conclude that the disadvantages of rural life, a life in isolation and immensity of the work that we do to keep our farm.
In the Middle Ages, nobles and burghers share huge boundaries. Nobles were rich, could afford a decent life, while the middle class living in poverty, trying to survive. Today the people of the city are the nobles, May good conditions for living, transportation and other things on the spot, while people from the villages have to cope without trams, buses and other amenities.
In "Forefathers' Eve" by Adam Mickiewicz, we can see that people living in the countryside, create a community of people. Help one in need, and just setting up their customs and laws.
Rural life also brings with it a sense of community
interpersonal. We can count on others and not feel no value in helping to create habits, culture and law.
One of the good qualities of rural life is the opportunity to rest from the hustle and bustle of cities. Leaving the village we can spend pleasant moments in the bosom of nature, relaxing. The books often meet up with stories in which children are sent to the countryside to the grandparents to odpoczęły. The heroes of such books is experiencing an incredible adventure, learn about the delights and sorrows of rural life. They learn how to cope in difficult situations, how to survive in this difficult world. Such skills are very useful in today's world that is full of "traps" and unpleasant surprises.
In conclusion, rural life has its advantages and disadvantages. For me it's nice to break away from reality and spend their free time in the country. But for some people to dispense with certain facilities is extremely difficult and they can not live in the countryside. A man from the city, who moved to the village will have problems with the routine of rural life, but after a short time will not want to return to the city, love the countryside and its beauty.
Po polsku:

Mieszkanie na wsi różni się od życia w mieście. Na wsi jest czyste i zdrowe powietrze.Jest tam cisza i spokój. Czas płynie wolniej niż w mieście.Na wsi zawsze można liczyć na sąsiada. Dookoła jest dużo zieleni, drzewa rosną, kwitną kwiaty latem, są tam różne ogrody. Więc jest gdzie usiąść i zrelaksować się na świeżym powietrzu. Można także pójść na spacer do lasu, parku czy na łąkę.Jednak mieszkanie na wsi ma również swoje wady. Istnieje mało sklepów. I wszędzie jest trudno się dostać . Dzieci i młodzież nie mają co robić gdy mają czas wolnym, nie chodzą do klubów młodzieżowych, kina i biblioteki.

I to samo po angielsku:

Lodging in the countryside different from urban life. In the countryside is clean and healthy powietrze.Jest where peace and quiet. Time passes more slowly than in the countryside mieście.Na can always count on a neighbor. Around a lot of greenery, trees grow, flowers bloom in summer, there are various gardens. So where is sit and relax outdoors. You can also go for a walk in the forest, park or the countryside łąkę.Jednak apartment also has its drawbacks. There are a few shops. And everywhere it is difficult to get. Children and adolescents do not have what to do when they have free time, do not go to youth clubs, cinemas and libraries.

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