Odpowiedz na pytania w 3-5 zdaniach.

1. TV has ruined social life within the family.(Zgadzając się, bądź negując to zdanie.)

2. What can encourage young people to read more?

Jeśli byłaby możliwość szybkiej odpowiedzi to byłabym bardzo wdzięczna, bo to na jutro.



1. TV has ruined social life within the family, because parents are no more conversating with their childrens, just watching television. Talking with family which lives far away is not so popular, as we don't need conversation to entertain. Kids watches Tv instead of learning, so their parents are angry.

2. Young people could read more if the computer and television wouldn't exist. So if parents would care about their kids, they would disable them to spend so much time using this. Also more fascinating book could make a change, because kids are getting bored very easily.
1. We spend too much time in front of TV-set. We could better spend this time with our family, walking or playing with children. Because of spending our free time watching TV we talk to each other much less. That's why watching TV ruins our family life.

2. It is difficult to convince young people to read more. They prefer watching TV. However, they should know that reading gives them much more possibilities than watching movies. Reading developes their imagination.