Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zad 9.
1. Warm heart is not as important as sense of humour.
2. Straight hair is not as nice as wavy hair.
3. Boys are not as kind as girls.
4. Being stupid is not as bad as being ugly.
5. Tall people are not as attractive as short people (nie zgadzam sie z tym przykladem :D)
6. An honest friend is not as good as generous friend.

zad 10.
1. Can't you do better than that?
2. Could you speak more slowly please?
3. He ran the faStest of everyone in the race.
4. I sometimes wear a skirt or dress but more often I wear jeans.
5. We arrived later than them.
6. Who lives further away from school

zad 11. np Amy iJohn
1. Amy is not as fit as John, but she is better in skiing.
2. John is the best swimmer in his school.
3. Amy is not as good in Maths as John, but she is better in Art.
4. John is smaller than Amy.
5. Amy is the tallest girl in her class.
6. John speak slower than Amy.