Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the future, want to become a doctor. We have always been interested in medicine and I love to provide assistance of people in need. I know with this I will need systematic work in school and later in college.For several years I read books on the construction of the human body and diseases that can affect anyone of us. I'm studying issues related to the profession who wants to perform in the future.My greatest dream is to get the medicine and pass it with distinction. My parents are also doctors. My mother is a neurologist and the father is a surgeon. Therefore, I think he gave me something with his interests and work. No, and any time I can count on their help in learning.in the future I hope we also save the hundreds or thousands of people. Had it failed me I want to finish forensic medicine. This plant is also very important for society and very well-paid because the money does not give happiness but as we all know are very important in today's.

jestes lekarzem xd mam nadzieje ze bedzie dobre