Hi Sara!
It's Paula's birthday on Friday. I am going to buy a pretty souvenir for her. She likes cats. I am going to go shopping on wednesday. Do you come with me? I'm going to go on am excursion at the weekend. What are you going to do at weekend?
see you soon
Ja dostalam 5 mam nadzieje ze sie przyda:)
I'm sorry, cause I haven't written for ages.Do you remember me?
Actually I live in Poland, in Warsaw. I like shopping and books reading.My favourite book is "Twillight". Every day I go to junior school. I like in school maths and polish and I don't like german. I have only good marks .I have a lot of friends and one best friend.
I like live in Poland and I think you too.
Kisses, Paulina
Hey paula:)
how are you? what's up? i hope you are ok.
we didnt talk for a long time. I'm sorry because i was busy. U know school. I have a lot exams and my mom told me i must get good marks. i can't wait winter holiday. i gonna go to the mountains in winter. it will be great! write me what are you doing.? i hope i will see you soon because i miss you so much.
Huges !!!
bye byeee