In pairs offer and accept or refuse help in the following situations.

A friend has invited you order to lunch and watch a video.
1. When you arrive to notice that your friend is laying the table.
2. You finish your meal and there is a lot of washing up.
3. Your friend has to take the video back to the shop . You pass the video shop on your way home.

Trzeba zapisać dialog , w którym zastosujesz wyrażenie "shall" . Podpunkty u góry wyjaśniają o czym ma być dialog. Zapisany musi być w formie ciągłej



+Shall I lay the table for us?
- It will be very kind of you.
+Thank you very much.
- Shall I help you with the washing-up?
+No, you don't have to. I'll do it myself.
- Ok. I'm going to the video shop tomorrow. Shall I bring the video back?
+If it won't be a problem for you it will be great.
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