Więc tak opisze ci tak dzien nad morzem oki ???
jak cos to napisz do mnie to ci napisze przwtumaczeniem

,,Vacations over sea''

One day be over sea about it.stand up along with early my family very early morning. When pretty beautiful weather is go on beach.We sunbathe on beach, we swim in sea and to beach volley-ball play.Then, we return on dinner and we spend in house time a bit.We go on beach on sunset evening and we return to house spac, in order to please with return next day sea sie.

i juz :)
I was in Tunisia this hollydays. I was in a camp. We flew by aeroplane. We lived in a hotel. It was horrible! I don't like it very much! There were only beds and one wardrobe, any mirror or table!! And it was very dirty. But I like the seaside. Whather in the see was very clean and warm but sometimes sand was very hot and we could'n stand on it. We ofthen went to swimming pool. It was very big, deep, and clean. i like it. We was there only 10 days.
I've got a lots of fun and i want to go there one more time but not stand on this hotel!! ;p
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