Ułożyć parę zdań po angielsku o tym jak można dbać o ochronę środowiska w moim mieście między innymi:
- otworzyć oczyszczalnia ścieków
- recykling różnego rodzaju przedmiotów
- elektrownia jądrowa
-powiększenie kanalizacji na obrzeżach miasta
-tworzenie parków
itp (około 10 zdań)



My city can definitely benefit from introducing some environmental protection. The following ideas are worth considering:
1. We could built a sewage farm in order to utilise waste and keep our rivers cleaner.
2. We could consider recycling various objects, such as plastic, glass, paper. It is very ecological and can save a lot of money.
3. We could built a nuclear power plant, which will make our city more energetically independent. What is more, this source of energy is very environmentall - friendly.
4. We could enlarge the sewage collectors and the pipe system in the city, renewing the old system at the same time.
5. We could create more parks, making the city greener and more pleasant to live in.
All these actions are aimed at improving the quality of life of the citizens and make it more ecological as well.
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In my town should start to care about the environment. Need to address the creation of parks. The mayor should take the expansion of sewage on the outskirts of the city, as well as construction of nuclear power plants. Sewer certainly diminished by the presence of impurities, inter alia, in the rivers. It is also the opening of new sewage treatment plant. We ordinary people need to segregate waste. This kind of thing is not difficult, but it can help a lot. Let us begin to take care of nature, any known manner.