Wybierz jedną z dyscyplin i opisz ją zawierając odpowiedzi na pytania poniżej :
What`s your favourite sport ?
Do you like watchng it or doing it ?
How many people can this sport ?
What equioment do you need ?
How do you score points ?
Why do you like this sport ?
najlepiej żeby było coś jak to tylko że o siatce :
To play this sport you need a team of 11 players , one of them is the goalkeeper , who stands in the goal and defends it . There are two teams , each has its own part of the peach and its own goal . The players kick the ball with their feet , knees and heads . If one of the players kicks the ball into the opponent`s goal , we say that he scored a goal . The match lasts for 90 minutes , there are two parts and a 15-minute interval between them . There is usually a referee , who can punish a player with a yekkow or red card if he breaks one of the rules .
Tylko że ma to byc o siatce .
prosze wass pomóżcie bo na jutro . chyba daję dobrą ilośc pkt . ;d



My favourite sport is volleyball. I love when me and my class playing volleyball on P.E. . Sometimes in one team play only 2 people (like in beach ball) and sometimes more than 7 ! True rules of this sport say, in one team is 6 people. To play volleyball don't need lot of money. Everything what you need is one ball and net.
Volleyball play finish when one team win in 3 sets (in every set have minimum 25 points). I love volleyball because its very exciting sport.

To na tyle.
Jeśli chcesz możesz jeszcze dopisać na końcu : ...and in volleyball playing lot of very handsome boys.
;-) Pozdrawiam ;
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My favourite sport is volleyball. I like also watching it and playing. To play this kind of sport you don't need special equipment, just a net and a ball. Your team consists of 6 players and you play against the second team. The purpose of the game is to return the ball to your opponent team and make them to fail. The winner is the team, which wins three sets, 25 points each. There is one exception: when there is 2:2 in sets, you play the last one, 15 points high.
I like playing volleyball, because it is a very pleasant, not too harmful game.
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My favourite sport is valeyball.I am a player in my school team.I like doing it because i like cooperate with people and this sport need it the most.To play this sport you need a team of six players.There are two teams,each has his own part of the peach.The players kick the ball with their hands.There are five sets.If one of the team winn three of them will win the match.
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