"holiday love"
This summer was very exordinary for me. I'd never fall in love before. I thought, that love is stupid and not for me, but it changed completly.
This "feeling" started to woke up in me during my small walk near the river. The weather was great, sun was getting down but it still was very hot. I hit on an idea to take a small nap. When I sleep I look very strange, I take strange positions and it seems like injurance.
When I woke up a handsome, long haired, blue eyed boy was kneeling near me. He took me to his house and gave me a hot cup of tea. He thought that I have diabetes problem like her mother. The atmosphere was heating. I was blushing and it made me feeling embarrased, as always. We talked long time together that evening and at the end he kissed me on my cheek. Of course we have been seeing each other whole holidays, becauce of the same interests, and what is important, we are still dating.