The most important buildings are: Branickis Palace , Equerry's House from 1771, historical town palaces of factory-owners, the City Hall and sacral buildings, such as the cathedral complex of The Holy Virgin Mary , or the 19th century Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas The Wonderworker.
Several dozen kilometres from Białystok one can find many wonderful plant complexes, unique in Europe.The most popular of them are:
- Białowieski Park Narodowy (Białowieski National Park) - it is the oldest Polish National Park, located in Białowieska Wilderness, which is the habitat of the European bison.
- Narwiański Park Narodowy (Narwianski National Park) - a refuge of the unique in Europe species of water-uliginose fowls
- Biebrzański Park Narodowy (Biebrzanski National Park) - the biggest complex of peat bogs in Eastern Europe; it is also the biggest National Park in Poland
-Wigierski Park Narodowy (Wigierski National Park) - a lake complex which has maintained its ecological zones; it is the youngest Park in Poland, set up in 1997.

Białystok is also a city of sports .There are several sport pitches and a stadium, as well as an airport where the Białystok Balloon Club and The Aircraft Society of Białystok regularly organise aircraft competitions.