Hmmm, there is already a better place to live... it is called Earth. The problem is that we do not know how to run it. If there were another place to live, sooner or later we would consume its resources too and would be in the same existential dilemma we are now. That which consumes and does not bring forth retribution, will inevitably end up consuming themselves once all else has been devoured.
If we think, "where will we go next?" that is not a solution, because like I said: if there were a place to live in (another one) that would only be a limited thing, for our pattern of consuming and NOT-retributing will consume all this new land's resources as well. What must be done is an act of consciousness and reflexion on what needs to be done to prevent this. However, sadly, the only way to stop this, would mean to go against the direction in which society is headed. This means we would have to turn back 2-3 or more centuries in technology. Why? Because technology though it has been granting us multiple pleasures like: cellphones, video games, cars, watches, wooden cupboards, etc, by doing so it has also caused the Earth's natural resources to become more and more scarce. The fact that we eat food, but are not eaten back has caused that the food-chain has become all mixed-up. We have proclaimed anarchy in the food-chains. The fact that people hunt animals JUST for sport.
Should I elaborate more? I think it is pretty clear what the problem is. It is not, "where will we go?", but instead: "what can we do to correct this and prevent a major catastrophe?" and "can we really prevent it from happening?"

Because let me tell you: even though we may start working on solutions now, I think it is a little late for that. Iron will run out very soon and no one is doing anything to prevent it... so think about it.