Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Boat achieved greatest tilt more. Rose And Jack, it has run out boats for which (who), otherwise, must be saved . When it has been tilted for vertical Titanic, they have found safe place on stern relatively, after other part of barrier. Boat from board for keel at the end pękł, but stern has dropped with return on water. Beak (bow) has drowned and it has drawn stern with , with all-out vertical putting (report) she (it). It has sunk ultimately Titanic. Rose And whirl has not involved jacek, they have turned up in water. Youth has placed on floating fragment of door from boat Rose, but there it has not was placed place for it (him). Then, < sweat > it has died with (from) soon wyziębienia. Rescue lodz (boat) has alarmed floating in last moment in region Zmarznięta Rose. They have been taken for (after) several from catastrophe by liner hours all save Carpathia. Inch has managed on wanted < search > Hockley Rose. Would-be wife has hidden before it. When it has turned back it, she (it) has peered at him (it), when it passed away among survivor. There is moment, it saw time in which (who) last Caledona Hockleya. It has been served at writing down survivor data in new york already as Rose Dawson, it showed its (her) thirst of exit (outlet) for jacek that. It has discovered towards amazement (wonder), that heart of ocean is placed in (to) its (her) pocket of coat – diamond, which (who) has become pretext for journey to place of rest of wreck lat (summer; year) later osiemdziesiąt Titanica. Heart of ocean throws in one of final stage of movie for sea hundred years old Rose. Completion of movie it sleepy old vision Rose - Rose and young measure after stairs on one of concert hall of boat towards it once again Jack. When they come for , they are included and they kiss. This gesture of love has been rewarded applauses of the rest of passengers and crews (staff), in (to) also heroes of movies it remaining < survivor > < remain >.
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