Write sentences to cxplain the situations. Include just and present perfect.
1. They/walk/miss the bus
2. Hannah/laught/see a funny film
3. Her friend/scream/find a spider
4. The boy/run/steal some bread
5. John and George/study/arrive at the library
6. I/frown/hear some bad news



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. They are walking because they have just missed the bus.
2. Hannah is laughing because she has just seen a funny film.
3. Her friend is screaming because she has just found a spider.
4. The boy is runnning because he has just stolen some bread.
5. John and George are studying because they have just arrived at the library.
6. I am frowning because I have just heard some bad news.
2 3 2
1. They have walk miss the bus
2. Hannah has laught see a funny film
3. Her boyfrend has scream find a spider
4. The boy has run steal some bread
5. John and George have study arrive at the library
6. I have frown hear some bad news