Jesteś na wakacjach za granicą. Napisz pocztówkę i umieść w niej następujące informacje:
- napisz gdzie przebywasz
- podaj informacje o pogodzie
- napisz co robisz każdego dnia (ogólnie)
- napisz co robiłeś wczoraj (trochę rozbudowane). P.s Z góry dziękuję



This year I spent my first week of holiday with my grandma, then I was gone to Dziwnowka. During 2 weeks I met a lot of interest and nice people. I liked them very much. We all stayed in camp houses. Every morning we were gone on the beach to take sunbath and later we spent time in the city. At evening there were disco, where I had a great time. we were also on the trip in Miedzyzdroje, where we walk by Boulevard of star. The end of July I was back and the rest of my holiday I spent at home, spending time with my friends. We all together were traveling on variously trips, or if there wasn't good wheather I watched TV or played on computer. Sometimes I was bored, but that was just for a little moment. That's, how holiday have passed me in this year.

Kate(albo jakies inne imie),
I'm on a sightseeing trip inreece wawer. The weather's fantastic - lots of sunshine. I'm in wawer now and I want to tell you that I met very handsome guy who is a Pole too. I'm going to get back for a week.
Hope to see you as soon as we come back.
Greet Maggy!
On photo to be visible place in which I spend during holidays. How to be visible quite pleasant place . Weather is beauty, , however burn with times it troubles from here also often I spend over water. We have here large beach, and horizon pours from ocean. We toured neighbourhood yesterday . City is dazzling plenty of, relics, picturesque architecture, squares, places under umbrellas it where was can hide in time of torrid heats. I command You these place.
I greet!
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