I think, that people will go to the Mars, because we are still improving our technologies. I think, that we will go to other planets too. We will live there or we will use it as place to storage some things.
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Chyba chodzi o tluumaczenie ,mysle jesli tak to mamy
odpowiedziec na pytania
1)poleca ludzie na marsa?dlaczego? dlaczego nie
2) APOLECImy do innych planet
3)jakie zeczy mozna robic w kosmosie
people will go to mars in several years.now they cant because traveling in space and exactly to planets is very expensive
2)YES WE WILL go to other planet in several because now its very expensive to travel .Scientists mostly travel because they are doing searches about many interesting things such as water that may have existed in planet , or forms of life
3)from space we can see the earth because of the satellites we have send there take pictures of planets from the satellites or special telescopes
1. Yes, because everybody wants to know how's on Mars :)
2. Of course! We must know how is there, how is the weather, etc...
3. Hmm, I think everybody will fly!