Make a list of the popular , quality and local newspapers and magazines in Poland. Which do you like ? Give reasons.

Example :
There's a gossip magazine about celebrities called Viva , which I can't stand.

Tak kilka przykładów by się zdało :)

PS. Bedzie najlepsza.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There's a local newspaper called (musisz dać nazwę jakieś lokalnej gazety w swoim mieście). I think it's good, because I know how it's going on :)

Next, I should say about Bravo! - that's the best magazine for teens. There are everything about our favourite stars, many posters and sometimes there's a cool gadget :)

Third of all, I say about Machina - a musical magazine for the people with good taste. I read one and I think it's very good!