Write a short tourist information leaflet for a town or city in Poland.Include at least two of these places. Use the phrases in the box to help you .
- a museum or gallery
-an interesting building
- a shop or a shoppimg street
- a theatre, cinema or restaurant
- a place where you do or watch sport

Visit...and see... Don't miss... There are lots of... Are you interested in ...? Then...
We're open from ... to... Tickets cost...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Łódź - the capital city in central Poland. The seat of the Łódź region and the eastern district of Lodz. An important academic center (6 public universities and 20 private), as well as cultural. Six kilometers from the city center is International Airport Łódź them, Wladyslaw Reymont.
There are lots of church architecture (churches, cathedral). Are you interested in history? Don't miss to make shopping on the Piotrkowska street. Visit shopping malls ( Manufaktura, Galeria Łódzka). Visit zoo and see a lot of animals.
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