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I choose a doctor. I always dream about being a doctor.
Firstly I will be help another people.
Secondly I will be paid a lot of money.
Thirdly I will have a satysfaction with medication.

Firstly I hate blood.
Secondly I can infect any disease.
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Odsyłam do google tłumacz (narzedzia jezykowe)na przyszłość

f1 driver is very interesting profession.cars can achieve 300km/h. drivers earn very much money and traveling from one county to next country.but this is dangerous profession. event at a speed of 300km/h is painful sometime is fatal.

to by było na tyle
jak chcesz to coś dopisz w google mozna całe zdania tłumaczyć
J choose a fire fighter.

You can help people
People meet you and like you
U can't escape at work
U must helping people when need help.