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Writing:You are on holiday.Send your friend a postcard.Write where you are, what the place is like and what is special about it.Use comparative/superlative forms.

Proszę napisać 10 zdań tylko bez kopiuj i wklej, polega na napisaniu kartki z wakacji w, której trzeba użyć stopniowania Proszę was to ważne !!



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Hi there! As you can see, I am in Holywood. It's a very beautiful place full of stars.
I have come here with my friends. We're having a great time. We are staying at tje Hotel. It's a nice place with tasty food. We have a very big nad comfortable room. People in this town are very nice and funny. We have seen Beyonce! You kno that's my favourirte singer and I wanted to take a photo bou unfortunately the place was too crowded. The weather is sunny and warm. We often lie on the beach and visit Los Angeles.
Back on Sunday - will give you a ring then.
Best wishes,
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I'm on New York now. I'm here with my best friend Joanna. There's so much fun! The weather here is good, it's sunny and hot. We stayed at a very nice hotel. Our room is really spacious and comfortable. In our hotel stays famous people. .Yesterday I met Brad Pitt! But I'll tell you everything when I come back home.
See you on Monday.
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