Dorothy Rabczewska comes from Ciechanowa. Virgin was vocalist of team with which then she gave three plates already. Second album - "Bimbo" turned out great success and he ransomed through some weeks top of official list of sale. It Doda it has also on one's account many different successes. It is possesses splendid bodies, which it adorned store-house "CKM" already and also ; as well as ; it helped her in achievement of many sport trophies. First of all it is yet woman. It has one's worries, distresses, joys. Let's not forget about this. This side has to bring closer her personality on aim, here you get to will know , what is really.
It Doda birthdays it walks round 15 February, and name-days of 7 August. Her dimensions then: 90- 63- 88. It has eyes of beer's colour and 169 cm . Height. 50 kg weighs., Clothes number carries 36, and shoes 38. She started career in age of 13 years, "Buffo" tied onto 4 years with Varsovian theatre, she took lessons of singing at well-known from programme Idol of Elisabeth Zapendowskiej. Dodę interest paranormal phenomena (as myself claims it is one from them), magic, psychology, fashion, sport, musician. Her favourite book it is "Alchemist" as well as " baptismalFather" authorship Maria Puzo. It is daughter of Olympic representative of Poland in lifting of weights, what influenced sport doubtless on her of interest.