Last year in July on my holiday I was in Gdańsk with my friend. On Saturday when we drove there, I and my friend went on the beach. It was very sunny. At first we decided to tan, and second to swim. On the beach were a few persons. When I tanned, my friend went to sea, so that swam. Surfs were very big. I didn’t saw them, because I still tanned. In a moment I heard call for help. I was in shock!. Immediately I called for help and I ran to sea. My heart pounded. I was really scared. Lifeguard quickly hastened to help. My friend was very gaunt. Lifeguard rescued my friend. It was horrible survival. In a moment my friend woke up and next we went to our home. They were still shocked, but happy. I knew she was very lucky to be alive.
albo wersja dłuższa
Many years ago in Poland, I had a terrible experience. I always loved the beach and usually spent my summers vacationing at sea resorts.
Twenty years ago, I went to a Polish Baltic Sea resort in a place where I never was before. It was warm; there was early morning sunshine when I came onto the beach .I was surprised because a couple of people were walking on the boardwalk, but nobody walked on the beach. I looked around, and I saw a couple of warning signs with an inscription “STOP! DO NOT GO ON THE BEACH!” I thought, “Why did they put this warning, everything looks safe.” Because I really liked to walk at the shore of the sea and listen to the sound of the waves, I ignored the warning and I went on the beach.
The sand was hard like a shell, but I felt under the sand some softness because the sand’s shell was weighed down by me. In a moment, the sand shell cracked and I sank. I felt something oozy and deep sucking my legs down wards. I panicked I tried to dig myself out, but the harder I tried the more I sank. I was in the sand almost up to my armpits when I thought, “I am going to die. I have only one more chance, and I must stop moving my legs.” I placed both arms on top of the sand, and without moving my legs, I pulled myself up. Slowly, I crawled out of the mud.
Covered with mud right up to my neck, I walked carefully on the beach. I was very scared because the sand could crack at each moment. When I came back to the boardwalk, I looked terrible but was very happy. It was unbelievable I got out safe.
The incident was a very hard life’s lesson. I cannot believe how irresponsible I was. From that day, I never ever ignore any warnings.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Taka historia:
Ostatnio a dokładnie wczoraj przydarzyła mi się bardzo straszna przygoda.Wieczorem wyszedłem na spacer z psem. Nikogo nie było na ulicy. Tradycyjnie poszedłem do parku. Usiadłem na ławce i puściłem psa ze smyczy. Nagle przy sobie zobaczyłem ogromnego psa, który zaczął na mnie warczeć.Wystraszyłem się i czym prędzej zacząłem uciekać zapominając o Burku. Byłem taki wystraszony, ze nawet nie wiem kiedy to się stało i nagle znalazłem się pod drzwiami domu. Niestety Burek nie wrócił. Ale od dzisiaj zaczynają się jego poszukiwania. To był najgorszy dzień w moim życiu.

po angielsku:
Recently but exactly yesterday a very terrible adventure happened to me. With evening I went for a walk with the dog. There was no nobody in the street. Traditionally I went to a park. I sat down on the bench and I let the dog go from the leash. Suddenly by myself I saw the huge dog which started growling at me. I got scared and as soon as possible I started escaping forgetting about Burek. I was so scared, around even I don't know when it happened and suddenly I was at the door of house. Unfortunately Burek didn't come back. But starting from today his searches are beginning. It was the worst day in my life.
Long long ago in a dark forest lived a beautiful girl named Mery. Her husband, Nick, was a lumberjack. One day we had to go deep into the wood after the winter. While Nick gather wood, Mery was alone at home. Approximate awful long winter evenings. Mery She was afraid to be alone at home. It was unable to talk with someone, was completely alone. First, everything was fine, later began to get weird things happen.
One evening when read the book heard strange knocking on the window. Mery quickly broke up. At the beginning of thought with the wind but it was something else ... She came up to the window to see what it is. When looked that they saw someone running out in the forest. Mery does not tap all night, thought it was something come back. Morning came before the house and saw traces of people. Nick wanted to quickly returned home. Without it itself does not poradzi. You have received a night. Mery again to read the book. Suddenly someone zapukał-to-door. Mery, she came up to the door and asked: Who is it? But no one answered, only further Pukalani. Mery did not know what to do. Decided that the repeal of doors and who sees it. Slowly opened the door but nobody was. It was very strange. Again the next night someone Pukalani-to-door. Mery quickly got up out of bed, took a knife to attack a person who knocks. Ran to open the door. Quickly opened the door and saw the attack took Nick. Nick was surprised by this situation. Mery was able to kill him. Mery be eased. Nickowi opted for all. Then nobody Pukalani to their door. Live long and prosper.