I think I have a small family. There are four people in it. I am 12 years old, I have blond hair and light blue eyes. I am a first-year student at secondary school in Wieruszów. I have a sister but sometimes I wish I had a brother, because I quarrel with her often. She is 15. She is pretty and blond-hair girl. My mother is a teacher-educator in TPD DWD Glaz and my father is an driver and he work in PPKS Oleśnica. He spends most of his time away from home and this means that I and my sister mostly with our mother. Nevertheless, I think that when we are together we are a happy family. My father and I are very keen on computing and we always spend summer holidays together in mountains. My mother likes traveling abroad and she enjoys warm countries in particular.
Every Sunday we go on dinner to grandparents, who live in Walichnowy.
In week visit them also. But now I dislike go there recently.
When I was born we lived in Glaz, but I disremember unfortunately because I was small. When I was 6 years we moved to Sokolniki and we live there to today. We are very happy and loving family.
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My family is the best that i could have!i have brother and sister and they are the best in the world!my sister Anna has dark brown hair and black eyes.she loves dogs and cats.she always halps me doing my homework.she' 18.she has already finished her school and she's looking for a work.my brother dominik is 25.he has family.he has blue eyes and blond hair.he listens to techno.my mum has brown eyes and blond hair.she works in a bank.she's very smart and inteligent.she's my best friend and i can tell her everything!my dad has brown hair and blue eyes.he's a doctor.he makes a plastic surgeries.its very stressfull and responsible job.my family is the best.
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JA. (ty)
I have green eyes. I have black hair. I am thin. I like the ball foot. I am very nice and nice. //Mam zielone oczy . Mam czarne włosy . Jestem chuda . Lubię piłkę nożna .Jestem bardzo miła oraz sympatyczna.
My sister has green eyes as well as he has brown hair. He likes to photograph. She is thin. She is nice but sometimes he can hack me off. // Moja siostra ma zielone oczy oraz ma brązowe włosy . Lubi fotografować . Jest chuda . Jest miła ale czasem umie mnie wkurzyć .
My mum has blue eyes and he has black hair. He likes to cook. She is thin. She is very nice and protective. //Moja mama ma niebieskie oczy i ma czarne włosy . Lubi gotować. Jest chuda . Jest bardzo miła oraz opiekuńcza.
My Dad is thin. He has black hair and he has green eyes. He likes to examine the TV set and to play ball foot. He is very clever and nice. // Mój tata jest chudy . Ma czarne włosy i ma zielone oczy . Lubi oglądać telewizor i grać w piłkę nożna. Jest bardzo mądry i miły.