Esej Napisz esej o następujące oświadczenie: "Nic nie można zrobić, aby chronić środowisko naturalne" należy podać, czy zgadzają się lub nie zgadza się z tym stwierdzeniem, wyjaśniając swoje powody wyraźnie. Od 120 do 180 słów.
"Nothing can be done to save the environment"

Environment is polluted. Everyone knows that, but nobody does nothing to change that. Pollution is a very advanced problem, and society shoud have protected their sourunding before it was too late. The governments should have bagan some saving projects. But nothing has been done!

Nowadays, in my oppinion, it's too late to save the World. Nothing can be done to save the environment. Thomas Mathus that we wiil have been going to destroy our planet (what the exparts predict) by the year 2050.

Nevertheless, what can do mr. John Smith, an usual American? Should he recycle? Should he save water, energy and use some filtres? Maybe should he ride the bike to work, not his marvelous new Mercedes? Mr. John Smith should have done many enviorentmently frindly things but some time ago. Now he can only pray for the World, because it is totally too late to change anthing.

Summing up, I claim, that there is no chance to save the environment. Probalby there are peopce who don't notice a problem of pollution. But the problem wiil have reached them by the year 2050. God bless us!