In my opinion TV is partly good, and partly not. Main advantage of TV is delivering newest information from world. However, TV is one of reasons kid's poor results in school. Young students sit too much time in front of screen of TV. To sum up, I think TV has more advantages than faults.
Telewizja jest dobra i tak i nie. Niekiedy uczy a innym razem psuje nasz mózg. Miesza nam w głowie i wywołuje dziwne reakcje. Oglądajmy TV tylko czasami, kiedy już się naprawdę nudzimy bo staniemy się głupsi od ludzi epoki kamienia.

Television is good yes and no. Sometimes teaches at other times, breaks down our brains. Stirred us in the head and causes a strange reaction. Watch TV only occasionally, when I really We are bored because we become more stupid since the Stone Age people.