This year I spent the holiday at the seaside with my family I was there and walked kapalismy week in sea was cool though in that year I was in the mountains the more I liked because I was surrounded by beautiful nature, and what was around a lot.
I have spent my wonderful vacations over sea. There I have gone with whole rodziną.Było super. There we were over baltic sea please in (to) whole three weeks me Kołobrzegu.Bardzo and it did not want to return from they lie to on beach even me day domu.Całymi and I sunbathed . Crowd was great. I bathed cases (together; times) a lot and weather will stuff even dopisywała.Mam, that there it on next vacations with it else closest this year powróce, there it pleased we poniewarz bardo.

mam nadzieje że dobrze ponieważ jestem nauczycielem