You drink too much coffe.
He definitely isn't atractive enough for me.
She's too boring.
He's too heavy.
She doesn't go to enough parties.
She doesn't eat enough ice-cream.
They're too small.
He clearly doesn't do enough exercise.
He doesn't drink enough water.
He's going to stay at home because he's too tired.
Do you have enough money?
Are those enough big shoes?
He works too hard.
I wanted to join the football team but they had enough players.
She can't watch the film because she's enough old.
It's too wet.
I think it's too dangerous.
I have too many CDs.
It's too hot.
I'm not fit enough.

3 4 3
1. The dress is too long.
2. The skirt is long enough
3.Breakfast is big enough
4. My t-shirt is too colorful.
5. The trousers is pretty enough
6. This tickets is too expensive.
7. That car is cheap enough.
8. I'm not rich enough to buy this boots.
9. I don't finish work early enough to go to the concert.
10. She's beatiful enough to be my girfriend.
11.Concert was too long.
12.She is too sleep.
13. It was raining too hard to go out.
14.The computer will be too expensive to buy.
15.We're rich enough to go to the park center.
16. My friends is too rich that me.
17. I hear musik too loud.
18. Television is too big to my room.
19.This book is too interesting to I'll read tomorrow.
20.My dad is too work.
3 5 3
I can ride a bike too
i can drive a car too
i can speak english too
i can homework too
i can jump too
i can rike a hours too
i can fly too
i can soccer too
i can hand-gliding too
i can bowling too

i can't martial arts enough
i can't ice skating enough
i can't scuba diving enough
i can't gymnastics enough
i can't golf enough
i can't drama enough
i can't fencing enough
i can't canoeing enough
i can't table tenis enough
i can't bed enough
2 3 2