Dear Anna

I have got a new flat in my family city. It is a big and good flat , because it is in centre city. Flat has got 5 rooms: bathroom, living room,2 bedroom and kitchen. In bathroom are: toilet, bath and basin. Color bathroom is yellow und peach. In living room are: TV ,cupboard and books. In bedroom are: bed and TV. In the kitchen are:


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Hi Kate,
Do you know, I have a new flat. I have rent it from May. It is very modern and nice. I like it very much. I've got three rooms with bathroom and kitchen. In the living room there is sofa TV and fireplace. I've got wonderful purplu curtains. In the kitchen there are cooker, fridge and table with chairs. in the bathroom are shower, sink and toilet.
I love it
Best regards,
Justyna :)
Dear Ola,
I just moved to a new apartment. Many things have changed since my move. I have become lonely, because I do not know many people here. However, I also feel excited to be in a new place. The apartment is in the nicer part of town, overlooking the waterfront. It is a lot larger than my previous apartment, which was very tiny. The neighbors are very friendly, and it is a safe neighborhood.

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