The film “Nigdy w życiu”, directed by Ryszard Zatorski, is a romantic comedy based on the novel written by a contemporary polish writer Katarzyna Grochola.

Judyta, the main character played by Danuta Stenka, is a journalist from Warsaw in her middle-thirties, left by her husband (Jan Frycz), decides to bring in changes in her life. She manages to build her own house, where she lives with her daughter (Joanna Jabłczyńska). Judyta faces new challenges like finding the man of her life. Will her dreams come true?

Despite of a trivial plot, I must say I was amused by the film. But it is not so much the events but rather the dialogues in the film that makes it worth seeing. The conversations are full of witty language and interesting word plays. Also the actors playing the characters have done an extremely good job. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, the songs used in the film are well known by the audience. The ending was not so surprising although I found it impressive, because it shows that everyone should believe in his dreams.

Above all, I strongly recommend “Nigdy w życiu” to the women, although the men will enjoy this film too. This comedy is not so ordinary as we could think. The best way to check it is to watch it!
Moja recenzja po angielsku filmu 2012

I like movies crushing in an armchair. That, during which I forget that I'm in the cinema, I forget about the fact that I sit in a comfortable chair, and on average I have to change position every few minutes. So, where, after leaving the cinema, I have to collect all your thoughts and emotions, scattered on the strength of its impact, and the next day (if not earlier), talking about it with your friends and flushed face. And a good film is a disastrous one that makes me very strong, often extreme emotions, which is time and the tears and the fear, tension, and the awareness of Breakthrough from time to time on the surface Fri: "Wow, it is possible , it really can happen! ". It's a film in which I can empathize at least one of the characters of this tragedy in her personal drama, to say goodbye, which has to make choices often against itself or against my predictions. Until now, such films were already present even the classic "Deep Impact" and the earlier work of director's "Day After Tomorrow". In the first film makers were able to focus on the characters, their rozterkach, so the rest of your life will never forget the scene on the beach when a big wave hit (father and daughter moment on reconciliation after years), or steam teenagers fleeing on a motorcycle, which is transmitted to a tiny child (siblings of one of them), because the parents are not able to overcome the distance too fast for safe hill. And in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" in a spectacular way the possible scenario where the special effects and trace the history of our planet have merged in an unforgettable work. And "2012" - was supposed to be the most powerful blow, which I saw a combination of the two above-described films. Announcement literally decompose human-to-shoulder and caused shivers throughout the body. Unfortunately. There the matter ended. An excess of special effects it caused me surfeit and boredom, which wyłapywałam with remarkable ease artificial computerization of these moments, unable to completely enter into the drama of this situation, it made possible the scenario in real life. Płascy heroes like the tabletop for rural dinner. In any story told by the characters I did not have time to enter into such an extent that her experiences in her own skin and with their own emotions, because the director rushed to the smashing ground into the dust (or rather, her suffering and flooding). Even children are not touched me. Macabre created dialogues, in which all the great usztuczniono and arcyważne emotions. I beg these phones and farewell hero - had probably cause tears in the audience, right? You and me - a woman over the word sensitive (which can be confirmed by my husband) - provoked only yawns and the effect of cold and distant observation, not so much the hero, but an actor who tries hard to cry, and go with the big NOTHING. To sum up: the film on a scale from 0 to 10 - exhibit scores: 2 (and it is only because of the extremely colorful moments form a rich Russians who were arcyciekawą springboard). Page two and a half hours spent during this movie I think it is extremely time wasted, so I do not recommend, even dissuade! A chair was extremely uncomfortable.