Poproszę o porządny e-mail(ok.250 słów) po angielsku,do kolegi(proszę,aby się nazywał Jerzy).Temat to co się u mnie dzieje.(wiadomo o co chodzi.Ma być dużo czasu Present Perfect i min. jedno użycie czasu Past Perfect.Do wtorku, do godziny 15:30.Daję najlepsze i piątki!!Ps.To zadanie jest za dużo punktów,ma być porządnie,bo jak nie to daje SPAM!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jerzy!
How are you? Because at me much is happening. At school very well for me he is going. From the English very Fridays at the moment. Under I am learning English and I will be able to arrive to you. No longer I can wait until. Unfortunately only around biologs for me badly is going. If this way farther he/she goes I will have 3 for the semester.
Parents bought has the dog! He has to the name Toffi. Very much I like him. With me he is sleeping in the room. I have the new friend. He has to the Klaudia name. We are very similar to oneself. Together we are watching "Pierwszą miłość ". We are also going shopping together. A new boy came to my class. Very pretty. I fell in love with him but I don't know what will be farther. I would like to go out with him but oneself fights against it to have a word. How many times he asked me about the homework. It I don't always know for 'that' to say. Klaudia told me that I didn't have what to worry because from me only always wants the homework. But I for not a faith in it. I hope that somehow he will negotiate.
Once I will advise her something and time she for me. Very longingly behind you. I hope that soon we will meet.
your ..
.. wpisz swoje imie :P

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Jerzy to george wiec bede uzywal tego imienia, co sie u mnie dzieje na tyle slow, no ale ok.

Hi George!
I've just thinking about you and I've thought I would write to you. You are surely so much curious what's about me, aren’t you? I had just backed from word before I started to write it. I work at office where I help at all, but it's only for summer time. I don't earn a lot but I'm quite satisfied. Yesterday, I've almost fired because I overslept. In fact, I had had to help my sister with her homework before I went to bad, so it's main reason of that accident. I’ve been also looking for regular work but I found out that I have to graduate from school before. A man who I was talking with said that I had vouch for job in his company. I was delighted of that fact, because I’ve expected nothing special. So I glad that my future is in some measure ensured. My sister has very good notes, so don’t have to taking care of her excessively. My school time is ending too fast. Before I had started high school I thought it would be very short period of time. I’ve been wrong as you can se, haven’t I? Now I can see that time was so much short that I haven’t managed to accustom to my classmates, and I’ve to leave this all without hesitating. I hope I’ll be in contact with them like with you,George.
Take care!

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