Mam napisać emeil do kolegi który jest w polsce a ja za granicą i jestem na wakacjach .
Robie coś ciekawego, fantastycznego, dziwacznego itd . np jerzdże na niedzwiedziu polarnym bo jestem na grendlandi.
Minimum 15 zdan max 30 zdan.
Nie zbyt trudne słowa
,a i kolega nazywa sie Arek . Praca w formie opowiadania . Z góry dzięki!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Arek,
How are you ? I hope you are well and having a good time in Poland. As you know I am in Canada and you won't believe what i have just taken up! I started ice-diving.I knew a man, who does the same sport as me and he convinced me to do it .I must say it is incredible and unbelievable.
Of course, Ice is cold but the momment when you dive under the water is hard to describe.But after it I always feel as good as new and want to come back there. When I first did it I was totally scared.However after some time I got used to. Now I want to do it every day but it is impossible.Besides I have to take care of my health because the temperature is very low.
Wow what an amazing sport! When I come back home I will tell you more. When you hear what else happened to me you won't believe my story.
Now I have to go, because my ice-diving friend is waiting for me .We are planning to create a course which would encourage people to do that sport and what's more important teach them. I believe we can make it !
Best wishes,
(your name)
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