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Mam napisać 15 zdań po angielsku o "Jak moja rodzina
chroni środowisko" czyli chodzi o to, żeby nie wyrzucać śmieci do lasu, segregować odpady itp. Czekam na pomoc

Me and my family really take care of the environment. What we do is:
1. We never throw rubbish in the forest.
2. We turn off the light as often as it is possible.
3. We only buy clothes made of organic fabrics.
4. We sort our rubbish, so we always throw plastic, glass and paper in different trash bins.
5. We don't use plastic bags, we have special canvas bags made of organic cotton fabric.
6. We try to use as little water as it is possible, so we take showers instead of long baths in tub filled with water.
7. Use a ceramic mugs instead of a disposable cups.
8. Use cold water instead of warm or hot water when possible.
9. Walk or ride my bike instead of driving, whenever possible.
10. Buy products that we can reuse.
11. We don't wash dishes with the water running continuously
12. We use recycled paper to help save trees.
13. We take our old clothes to charity shops.
14. We don't buy over-packed goods
15. We do not boil more water than necessary when making a cup of tea.
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My family was always strict about taking care of our environment. Their behaviour taught me how to respect the Earth.
First of all we never throw out our items when we are out . We always put it onto garbages. What's more I remember the situation when some old woman throw out some item and then my mom told her to stop doing it and I think it was effective becuase she reddened.
Secondly we try to recycle papers, magazines and things that we don't need at all.
For the reason that we are farmes we don't use any toxical substances whicj could help to cultivate our crops because we realize that we can destroy the Earth because of this irresponsible behaviour.
What's more we always segregate our robbish . My mom says it is important too. But in my opinion a good point of our taking care of the planet is that we realize that many people don't know they destroy our environment. So my family think of some kind of adertisements which would inform them about concequences of their behaviour.
We all know that people are polluting the environment. Therefore, my entire family to prevent this. When we go to the store take with us a backpack or bag. Do not use commercials. Buy beverages in returnable bottles. Aerosols replace deodorant Roll. We collect cans and bottles. We give the used waste paper, so that you can build on it. Do not use disposable plates. Save paper. We do short notes on small cards. I think there's a lot of such situations. It is worth to buy products more durable, better quality and long term use. Plastic packaging on food products can be used as containers. If everyone cared about the environment just like me and my family, that the world was that different.