Sueprmen can fly and run. He is wery strong. he can climbing too. he can salvage folks. The hulk are but superhero but he can salvage folks.

nie moge wymyśleć czegos jeszcze :((
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Super hero cen catch flying missle.
He is fastest than missile
He cen fly very far.
He cen throw up car.
He hes earned Mount Everest 5 time in one day becose he like climbing
He sees by walls.
He has laser in eyes
Superhero can climbing on trees.
Superhero can flaying in the air.
Superhero can throw your hand in the obstacle.
Superhero can run at speeds faster than a car.
Superhero can to run and never tired.
Superhero can catching the smallest insects in the world.