Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was a Monday, a very gloomy day. From the morning I could not wake up. Even the news that just today I was leaving on a trip to the entities failed to pull me out of bed. However, rumors that the time had to go for breakfast convinced me completely. Dressed, packed the most important things and went to school. Circle has a large gym coach, which drove in the morning.
In Bytow were about 15:00. However, the weather still has not changed. It was gloomy and cold. Fortunately, I took with them warm ubrania.Kiedy arrived the place was already time to leave the bus. Together with the teacher, guided by a long trail that leads to a great castle called? Web Development White Castle?. We had no idea what awaits us in the midst of this great castle.
After a while, the teacher said:
- Sorry, we do not give advice to reach the castle without any rest.
We need to pause and drink something warm.
All the while they stopped and sat down on the large pebbles.
Then pulled out thermoses of tea and started talking.
When I sat quietly on the rocks, one of my colleagues came up to me and said:
- You know, when allegedly come to? Web Development White Castle? there is no exit from there.
- Are you sure of that?
- In total, only dull the parable, so I think that there is nothing to be afraid!
- Okay, thanks for the information.
After a long break it was already time to move out again. We walked over 2 hours. Zmoknięci We were cold and gave us hell. And then after a short time we reached the place. Before the castle was a great obstacle, which frightened her unpleasant sight of all my colleagues. Of course I feared the worst. After a while it appeared that the other side of the castle were the stairs, which could safely enter. The decor of the castle seemed to be very terrible, the images shown were the spirits and hideous monsters. Our teacher said:
- Anyone who enters at the top of the castle will get an additional six in mathematics.
All answered:
- Hurray!
I took to remove the stairs as his obstacle. I did not realize that those who come there can no longer return. Terribly afraid, my best friend invited me a few times I went with it, but I preferred to be quiet and go home. Suddenly, you said:
- Honey, do not go with them up to the top?
- No! ma'am, terribly afraid and also not to risk his life.
- Do not you like to win six in mathematics?
- No! Despite the fact that they have enough.
- Okay, so I will not continue to force you do as you like, but I'll go after them.
- Okay, good luck!
- See
I was alone in the great chamber. To pass the fear, I decided to look around a little bit of the castle and watch the pictures. Everything was beautiful that were it not that I heard strange noises, coming behind me. Now even more afraid, I was terrified. However, curiosity was stronger than me and slowly moves from place to place, until finally I saw something strange, it was a form of a beautiful woman, dressed in a white dress.
Me there should not be long, but some strange force that clung to me
Same place. At the beginning it seemed that an ordinary lady, but after a while, I learned that the Spirit. When she turned toward me, she started chasing me. I hid behind one of the walls, but this idea has not brought long results. The Spirit was getting closer to me. I ran as fast as I could, until finally in front of me there appeared a group of people that were my colleagues, who had just returned from a great trust. I looked back behind him, but saw nothing. Only Waliły thick clumps of dust on the floor,
nothing more, I was shocked because there was not the spirit that was chasing me, or ugly images. Everything suddenly came back to normal. Enjoying immensely, and when returning to the castle, I told my friend about the spirit of adventure, simply could not believe it was a surprise. Then I thought:? Maybe it's good that nobody I do not believe, because bałabym even more?
After a long and exhausting journey, they all returned safely home, even me. I told the parents about everything that had happened, and together with my sister went to the pool.
Friend ... Hear ... ! 02,11,08 r My friend, former boyfriend hanged himself ... [*] I knew him half a year ... Recently ... I sat alone in the house and watched tv ... zauwarzyłam and a light in the bathroom ... (hanged himself in the bathroom) they put out ... Lit up several times ... Then we dropped the glass ... and then the keys of the hanger ... I fell into a mild panic to be honest ... I called his mother ... She said: "Ask him to stir an object ... "I said OK ... I put on the table Zosia with feathers ... I asked ... XXX If you move this here ... i. .. It was moving ... Seriously ... I started to cry, cry, and I called to his mother again ... I said ...: Do not want to he was here ... wants to go away ... No i went ... A few days later ... I'm lying on the bed was about 2 in the night ... Quarters and feels like someone is blowing in my face ... I open my eyes and I see XXX bent over me ... I can tell you that the day after his death, I was in the bathroom and just felt awful ... It is a nightmare for me ... Why did he come to me? "And you know what? Twraz it with me is ... It feels ... I was very afraid ... Come on I know that nothing I do not [*