Napisz maila do kolezanki/kolegi po angielsku opowiadając o swoim pobycie w (dowolne) .
na podstawie tego tekstu;

Hi Andy
I'm writing this email from Canada . The weather is really cold at the moment but I really like it here because the people are friendly. We're driving around the country and we're stopping in different places.

We've just arrived here in Vancouver. In the last few days we've driven throught beautiful forests and we've seen some fantastic lakes. So far I've really enjoyed the food and we haven't had any bad experiences.

Tonight we've staying in a small counsaide near the city of Vancouver. Tomorrow we're going to leave the car here and we're going to travel by train through the Rocky Mountains. It should be fun.

I hope you're well, Andy. I'll write again soon.




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Mary
I'm writing from Tunisia. The weather is wonderful , it's sunny and hot .
We've just arrived to the room from the beach , where we were sunbathing.
It's great country full of sun , nice people and camels.
The food is awesome and the hotel where we took a room is cool .
Time make us better animation group .
The animation team organizes daily activities including aerobics and water polo, and the hotel offers disco and a lobby bar.
It's fantastic , everything I'm going to tell you when we meet .
Love , Patricia
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Hey Kate

I am writing this e-mail from England. There are great, but very often it rains. Here I met a lot of new przyjaciół.Dzisiaj I was out shopping and bought himself new clothes.

Today I was to visit London. It was cool.! It is a pity that there is you here with me. Eating here is nasty! I go to a Polish restaurant:). Tomorrow we go shopping mall. I'll buy you a nice shirt:)) I'm going back next week


Hej Kasia

Piszę tego e-maila z Angli .Jest tu super, tylko bardzo często pada. Poznałam tutaj dużo nowych przyjaciół.Dzisiaj byłam na zakupach i kupiłam sobie nowe ciuchy.

Dzisiaj Byłam zwiedzić Londyn. Było super.!! Szkoda że nie ma ciebie tutaj ze mną. Jedzenie jest tutaj paskudne !! Chodzę do polskich restauracji:) . Jutro jedziemy centrum handlowego. Kupię ci ładną bluzkę:))Wracam za tydzień

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