(an article about an actor/actress)

5 Think of favourite actor/actress.
Answer the questions.
1 Where is he/she from?
2 when 's his/her birthday?
3 How many brothers/sisters has he/she got?
4 What can he/she do?
5 Which are his/her most famous films?

Pprtfolio: Use your answer to write a short article about him/her for the school magazine. ( 40-50 words)

To jest z książki access unit 4c strona 42 zadanie 5 do nowej podstawy programowej. Prosze bo to mam na sobotę mam naucznie inwidualne na 13.:)



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My favourite actor is Cezary pazura. He is from Tomaszów Mazowiecki. He"s birthday is 13rd of June. He has got one brother - Radosław Pazura. He like tennis.
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