Imagine you re planning a day out . Write a letter inviting a friend on this day out .
Prosze o jak najdłuższe i bazbledne odpowiedzi , bo to zadanie bardzo wiele dla mnie znaczy ..
Chodzi chyba o to zeby napisac w liscie plan dnia i zaprosic swojego przyjaciela ale nie jestem pewna . Najlepsza wybiore i max gwiazdek dla wszystkich ;)



Hi Mike!
How are you? You know tomorrow I'm planning a day out so I thought you might visit me. I even prepared a plan what we can do by my houese. Yoou could come to me like at 11 o'clock by the morning if its possible. Here is the plan:

11-13 play video games
13-15.30 do shopping
15.30 have dinner
16-17 do our homework
17-21 invite all our friends from school for a party
21-22 go for a pizza
22-7 go to sleep

I hope you like the play and soon you will visit me. And if you want you can bring some friends with you.

See you soon,
(Twoje imię)

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Hi Jamie,

How are things with you? Hope okay. I'm wriiting to tell you that I'm planning a day out on Saturday. I can't wait to invite my friends from school including you!
The party will start at 6 pm, because my parents are going to a party. Sounds crazy because they are about fourty years old! I have already prepared lots of attractions you might like. We will sing crazy songs, watch funny or scary movie or play games. Meanwhile we will prepare pizza.Some of my friends will sleep in my house - could you ask your parents if you can sleep with us too? It will be great!. At about 8 pm we will go to the cinema - I have already bought some tickets. Then we will have a walk in our park and go back home.
Hope that you will come. Send my regards to your sister!

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