Hey My name is *****. J live in ** in my big home. J have a family mum, dad and two brothers. We like home. J have a my room. Walls is black and J have a big bed. J often listen to music. My dad is all day in work and back to home at 11 p.m . My mum work in home. She make pizza. My brothers go to primary school. They back to home at 5 p.m. J go to secondary school. J like it. J have here a lot of friends.

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I live in (wpisac miasto). I love my home. There are a lot of toys, because I have younger sister. My home is big and yellow. I like live there because the home is cosy. Sometimes there is noise and I can't for exmple do my homework but I love my family. I have sister and brother. They often play with me. I'm never bored. I have own room and bathroom. There are quiet and peace. I can there listen to music and watch TV. My mother is a nurse. She is working in hospital. My father is a doctor. He is working to hospital too. In generally I love my family and my home.
I live in (nazwa miasta) It's very beautiful place, because there is a very pleasing park, where i like spend a lot of time. My hause isn't to big, but very grateful. There are 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room. My room is cosy. There are yellow wall, and white furniture. In the garden there are a lot of grass, flowers. I love my family! My mother is very nice, careful. She loves, when I relate her about my problems. She always listens and talks me, what I should do. My dad is the most funny person on the world. He always keeps smyling. On the order hand, he can be serious too. My sister is very sweet. He has 5 years, so she loves plays in differents games, but my brother is a student, so he spends a lot of time on studing. My family is the best on the world.