Napisz krótkie opowiadanie (200 - 250 słów) na wybrany z tematów:

1. Napisz opowiadanie zatytułowane "The most frightening experience in my life"


2. Napisz opowiadanie rozpoczynające się od słów: "As the clock was striking midnight, there was a loud whisper at the door: Let me in!"


3. Napisz opowiadanie, które zatytułujesz "An unexpected visitor"

Opowiadanie ma być podzielone na trzy części:
1. Introduction: describe background scene, introduce the main character(s)
2. Main part (2 - 3 paragraphs): decribe how the story started and developed
3. Conlusion: describe what happened at the end of story (could alse be included in the main part), make a short comment on the story.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"An unexpected visitor"
Yesterday, when Sun was shining brightly, and wind was blowing softly, John - high guy with black hair, wearing blue jeans and black jacket, as always was comming back from job (he works in Customer Service of National Railway) to his house. Suddenly he saw, that someone was trying to broke in his house! "What should i do now, what should i do now!?" - he was thinking. He took off his selfphone, and chose 911. Then He did something strange. While thief was breaking In, He was searching for huge piece of wood. When he found that, he came slowly, very slowly to thief. Then he said: "What are you doing?!". Thief jumped little bit, and turned fast. John swung himself, but fortunately he had good reflex. He saw face of his dad! "What are you doing here dad!? You are living on 2nd floor, here it's 1st!" - he asked. Dad replied: "Oh! I confused flats!". Then police came. They told officer about whole situation, and they invited him for cup of coffe. They were laughing couple minutes, and John said: "what if I would hitted you, dad?". "Then we would drink coffe in hospital, not here!"
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