Hi Anna!
I'm with my parents on holiday in Croatia. Every day's hot is not raining. It is fantastic. Every day I go to the beach, sunbathe, swim in the ocean or the pool. Often I play volleyball. I will stay a week.
Greetings from sunny Croatia.
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Hi! I'm in Poland. The weather is great! I'm touring streets of that pretty city. Warsaw is very big and beautiful. Do you believe me? Sometime we will arrive together here. I'm backing to London for two weeks.
I'm missing you.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear <<imię>>,

Hello. I am in Poland. Poland is fabulous place. I am verry happy, becouse this country is great. The girls is very nice in Poland. They are beautyfuler than girls in England! I am living in very nice Hotel Spa.
The Weather is very nice. It's sunny and warm. It's sometimes missty in morning. In afternoon is hot.
I am eating chips and i am drinking coke now. I am sitting on chear. I am watching TV, and after i'm going to swim in swimming pool.
I going to live to two week. This is very fun.


Uznaj moją odpowiedź za najlepszą a następne zadanie zrobię gratis.:)
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