Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I decided to visit. To kill boredom, I decided to look around a little bit of the castle and watch the pictures. Everything was beautiful that were it not that I heard strange noises, coming behind me. Now even more afraid, I was terrified. However, curiosity was stronger than me and slowly moves from place to place, until finally I saw something strange, it was a form of a beautiful woman, dressed in a white dress.
Me there should not be long, but some strange force that clung to me
Same place. At the beginning it seemed that an ordinary lady, but after a while, I learned that the Spirit. When she turned toward me, she started chasing me. I hid behind one of the walls, but this idea has not brought long results. The Spirit was getting closer to me. I ran as fast as I could, until finally in front of me there appeared a group of people that were my colleagues, who had just returned from a great trust. I looked back behind him, but saw nothing. Only thick clumps of dust on the floor,
nothing more, I was shocked because there was not the spirit that was chasing me, or ugly images. Everything suddenly came back to normal. Enjoying immensely, and when returning to the castle, I told my friend about the spirit of adventure, simply could not believe it was a surprise. Then I thought:? Maybe it's good that nobody I do not believe, because fear even more?
After a long and exhausting journey, they all returned safely home, even me. I told the parents about everything that had happened, and together with my sister went to the pool.
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On last holiday I was in Scotland. I lived in my aunt's house. In the same village was a old castle. Me and my friend ..... (imie przyjaciela) had an idea to go to this castle. About the castle was strange history that evil king assasinated his daughter because she wanted to marry poor boy. When we were walking in the castle we heard a strande voice. My friend said that it could be ghost, but I said that it's impossible, because it isn't any ghosts on the world. In that moment we heard voice behind us. I was very scared, but it was ... my aunt. She wanted to suprised us. I was really scared.

plosie;)) ;**
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