I woke up at the night. I had to go to toilet. When I was passing my kitchen I saw something. At first I thought it was my kitty Marcel. When I got closer it turned out to be a scary ghost. He had no face and bleeding arms. I was so shocked that I fell down the stairs and blacked out. I woke up in the hospital with broken legs and rips. It was horrible night.
Ja dostalam 5 ; D
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On last holiday I was in Scotland. I lived in my aunt's house. In the same village was a old castle. Me and my friend ..... (imie przyjaciela) had an idea to go to this castle. About the castle was strange history that evil king assasinated his daughter because she wanted to marry poor boy. When we were walking in the castle we heard a strande voice. My friend said that it could be ghost, but I said that it's impossible, because it isn't any ghosts on the world. In that moment we heard voice behind us. I was very scared, but it was ... my aunt. She wanted to suprised us. I'll never go to that place. I was really scared.

.......(twoje imię)

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Together with friends I have gone under tents for wood.
We heard strange whispers already first night. Anybody called magda. I have seen early, that circle of our tent was dug out this name on tree exactly. I have informed later, that boy has been hung on branch 50 year ago local. It has made, for it as it has covered girl on betrayal. Now tree calls year case magda. :)