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The glass elevator
had a strange situation last week. I work in New York in the Cosmopolitan. I was just coming back from the office to interview Arkadius, one of the most popular designer in UK. I was in a hurry so I took a lift although I was at the second floor. There was a young woman. Unfortunately someone took a lift from the tenth floor and at first we had to get there. Two people came in, a man who looked like an Italian model, and an old lady. I only had an hour to our appointment so I thought that nevertheless I would get there on time.

Suddenly we stopped at about the seventh floor and the light turned off. The man said it was a power cut. It was the glass elevator so we saw there was no light in the city. The old lady started to panic and said it was the end of the world, she was screaming and repeating the same sentence all the time. The young woman was also scared because she was nine months pregnant and she had just felt the kick of her baby. We thought she was going to give birth. Only the man was calm and told us everything would be OK and that it was probably temporarily. I wanted to believe him because I could not stand moaning of that bigot and I did not know what to do to take birth. Besides, I had to interview Arkadius because he was coming back to Warsaw that night. Fortunately the light turned on, an elevator started working and I managed to meet him on time.