- Welcome.
- What do you do and do you enjoy your work ?
- Well, I`m a gridder. I like my job a lot, but there is one bad thing in being a gridder. I haven`t got a lot of time for my family. I`m very busy.
- Well, tell us about a typical day in your life ?
- Well, I get up at six o`clock in the morning. I’m going on morning training, then I have a shower. After that I have breakfast. I eat protein bars, and I drink energetic drinks. At 7:30 I have evening training.
- Wow, I can`t get up at six o`clock. What do you do then ?
- I go to the gym at 9;45 for one hour. I`ve 45 - minutes break and a small snack. Then I meet with my manager. After that I am go to the beautician.
- You are a macho and you go to the beautician? That can`t be true. O.K. What do you do then ?
- I go to the gym at 17:30 for the second time . I`m one hour there. After that I`ve got a break and I`ve got some for my wife and children
- I can see your work isn`t easy.
- - Absolutly not.But u have to know that I treat football as a hobby. For many football players is a hobby
- You are a very interesting person. When I’m listening to you, I know, that I don`t want to be a footballer.
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An interview with... Lady GaGa!
me: What does your name, GaGa, mean? (w sensie nazwa)
lady: It's from the song Radio GaGa.
m: I saw, in your songs you always sing GaGa at first!
l: yes, I do it. I want everyone to know who sing this song! (smile)
m: What do you like in fame?
l: It's so cool. But sometimes paparazzi are so bad.
m: I understand you. Why did you name your CD "The Fame"?
l: Because I want you know I want to be famous.
m: You have got the MTV price, what calls THE BEST DEBUTANTE 2009.
l: Yes, you are right. I am very happy I have got it, but "Just Dance" I sung (chyba to jest czas przeszły od sing) in 2008. But I'm very excited. I am sorry I wasnt at this party, but I was on the concert.
m: Something else about you?
l: I love to be original. I love to have crazy clothes - you see on my videos and concerts!
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