My last holiday I spent in Greece. There was the great traffic. I don't like it because it is noise. There was much litter on the beach. It was horrible! But my hotel was big with big swimming pool. Only why there were this many insects? It was repulsive! I bought some souvenirs for my friends. On last day the weather like was ugly. It was rain!
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my last holliday wsa very funny. i was in the village.there were two lakes and there wasnt't any pollution.i spent much time in the beach.i sleep in the cottage, there wasn't any hotels.there was road but there wasn't any traffic. Some tine was rain but more time was sun.

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We went to Pesavilla,Spain in august and the nightmare began when we left home.First ,there was a lot of traffic on the roads,and then there were long queue at the airport.
Pesavilla was a really horrible place!There were crowd people everywhere, and there was a lot of litter on the beach.We stayed in a terrible high rise hotels and,there was a lot of noise from the disco.The food was horrible and we found insect in our salad!
There is a lot of crime in Pesavilla,and someone stole our money on the first day.But the weather was great .We didn't have any rain all week!