I was with my parents on Holiday in Tanzania.We bought souvenirs when I heard a scream. Suddenly I saw people running toward me. I felt like the earth shakes.I heard that the Kilimanjaro volcano eruption. People shouted to flee. Our guide at the beginning did not know what to do. Suddenly we all had to run to the coach.It was difficult to gather all of our group. We managed to get to coach. Shortly after we arrived at the rest of the trip. The driver was already waiting with the engine ready for a passionate escape.We drove very fast. I prayed that we had an accident. When we arrived we got a safe place to talk with people. After the explosion, people were frightened and sad. Have lost their homes and things of that hard work.They were desperate. The city promised to help. Trip was very successful and miles of it, despite remember this event.
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Last year I was on holiday in Italy. I saw there a big volcanic eruption. Before this tragedy I cooked dinner in the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a big explosion. I call my parents and they came quickly. I look out through the window and I saw that eruption have started. Smoke was everywere. Volcanic bombs fell from the sky near my hotel. Lava flew and it comes closer and closer. Fortunetely it stoped before the city. People were shocked and they were shouting. Many cars and houses were destroyed. Many peoples lost then their houses. It was a horrible experience. During this calatlism I thought I'm going to die. I thank God that I survived.
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