W teatrze zrobił sceny aktor i zagrał pierwsze skrzypce poczym zrzucił maskę i okazało się że weszedł w czyjąś rolę i tutaj odegrał komedię ; >
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Ional cpanel based web hosting, unrivaled private e-mail service, SSH tunneling, web privacy proxies, anonymous remailer interfaces, and more at one low price of just $5.95 per month. All with your privacy protection and online security in mind.

Don't let our lack of flash, animated graphics, and dancing text fool you, we're old school and do things craigslist style*, simple but very useful and quite robust as you begin to dig in and find out just how much is offered.

We think you'll like our no nonsense approach and vast array of features and soon wonder how you functioned without it all. We provide everything you need to mold a service that best fits your needs and grows with you.

We've been serving individuals, celebrities, businesses, organizations, and governments around the world since 1999 with unbeatable service and features.

We have the most flexible and advanced e-mail system you'll find anywhere:

One size does not fit all when it comes to e-mail, which is why we offer you a buffet of options to pick and choose from to build the service that works best you.
One mail address is not enough.
We give you unlimited addresses in twenty domains plus unlimited addresses in any of your own custom registered domains
This is so you can give each place that requests an e-mail address it's own custom address.
This means that if they then spam you or sell your address to spammers you will know it, because it was a custom address you gave them.
You will also be able to shut off that address without affecting the rest of your wanted e-mail.
This method is one of the most successful antispam solutions, no more will a sold e-mail address cause you grief in spam.
This also allows you to give friends, family, and business associates custom addresses that bypass all spam filters. Never lose an important mail in a bulk folder again either.
We host MX for registered domain names at no additional cost. Your personal or business domain will function with all of our features and filters.
We give you more control of your e-mail than anywhere else.
A full buffet of antispam solutions are available. Use none, one, or all. Build the spam solution that works best for you.
SpamAssassin - A scoring based spam filter. Messages pass a number of tests, each test assigning a score. If it scores too high, it's spam. It's very effective.
Bayesian Filtering - This is a spam filter that learns, you train it by telling it what is spam and not spam.
Attachment Spamblock - block or allow attachments based upon attachment type and/or source or destination address. No more unexpected malicious payloads.
Spamblock by vocabulary - block by anything in the header or body: use words, phrases, even paragraphs.
Password protect your mail - this feature allows you to set a password and any email without it in the subject is blocked
HTML Spamblocking - block messages containing html. Nearly all spam is sent in html, this is a very effective filter, but you must be careful to whitelist those who send html mail that you want.
Spamblock based upon domain, ip address, or netblock
Antispam DNSBLs - choose from many popular antispam block lists and have them applied to your e-mail
Autoexpiring addresses - Give out a mail address that works until a given date then rejects mail as User Unknown.
This is very effective for those places that want an e-mail address to download something, you know it's going on a list, give them an address that is only good for two days or so and then no longer works.
All filters run server side, so you do not have to be logged in for them to be working for you on new mail.
Redirect specific email to your cell phone, another e-mail address, or a folder of your choice.
Never miss that important e-mail again.
Never have to stay near your computer waiting for that important email.
Set it to be sent to your phone when it arrives.
Use anything in the header or body of the email to trigger the redirection, what address it is from, what address it was sent to, what it contains, etc.
We offer mail over all popular protocols:
Securely retrieve e-mail from nearly any other service over any protocol or port via an encrypted connection.
This ensures that nobody can snoop on the contents of your mail.
Remain safe from prying eyes.
Get all of your e-mail and messages in one place, securely and fully filtered.
No more checking five different e-mail accounts.
Apply our antispam filters to all of your e-mail accounts.
Fully secure. Automatically selects best encryption methods to use.
Retrievals will run even when you are logged off
You are shielded from the site you are retrieving mail from, they will not know your IP because it is our IP logging in and getting your e-mail.
Any service that allows remote retrieval of mail is supported (ie. does not just offer webmail).
Protocols Supported:
Authentication Methods Supported:
It will also autodetect protocol and authentication method if you are unsure, along with automatically using TLS/SSL if available.
With our service you may also add or remove headers from mail sent via either webmail or our SMTP and your favorite e-mail client.
Do you like your mail client, but hate that it advertises itself and it's version in every sent mail?
With us you can remove those headers and even add your own custom headers if you want.
Automatically translate e-mail from other languages into a language you can read.
Calendar, todo lists, and reminder services are also part of the package.
The ability to store and index notes and bookmarks is included too.
Other services charge more for far less of an e-mail system than we include with our $5.95 package.
A full featured web hosting package:

Create your own website.
Your own username.cotse.net domain
Or use your own domain if you want, you can have both your web site and your e-mail under your domain or domains.
Run your own blog, image index, forum, or other website
Easy to install WordPress, phpBB,Geeklog, and many more easy to use web building applications.
Easily password protect your web site or sections of it.
Custom cpanel base
SSH access available
Other services charge $5.95 and up for just web hosting, again included in our $5.95 package.
Multiple web proxies, cgi proxies, SSH Tunnels and more:

Encrypt and protect your web surfing, IM, and hide most anything you do on the Internet.
Standard proxies both filtered and unfiltered (filtered/unfiltered refers to ads and popups, our proxies can filter ads for you).
Cgi proxy for restrictive environments, when you need to be anonymous to the sites you visit and private from any who would snoop, but you cannot install or modify anything on the machine. Perfect for cybercafe use. Hide everything you do from the owner of the machine and network you are using.
SSH Tunneling
Custom mixmaster remailer interface makes using fully anonymous remailers for email and usenet very easy.
This is the mixmaster remailer network, send your mail through servers around the globe.
Send an absolutely untraceable e-mail or usenet post.
Cannot even be traced back to us, never mind you.
News2Remail proxy so you can use your own newsreader with usenet and have all replys posted anonymously via the remailer network.
Secure encrypted private web based IRC client for use when you want to chat but can't install a client.
Secure encrypted private IRC server where you can run your own channel.
Other services charge $9.95 and up for just web proxies and SSH Tunneling. Go compare and see. We include it in our $5.95 package.
All of our services hide your IP address:

Your IP address is like a phone number, other people can use your IP address to identify you. Our service hides your IP address.
Even mail sent through our SMTP via either smarthosting or your mail client will not show your IP address.
No website you visit will know who you are.
No forum you participate in will know your real identity.
This protects you from cyberstalkers, identity thieves, and any that may want to track or harrass you.
Communicate in forums, email, and more without the worry of someone stalking or targeting you. Without someone collecting data about everything you do online, and without fear of Internet participation jeopardizing current or future employment or other opportunities.
Everything is encrypted:

We are open source standards based. We support all popular methods of encryption across all services.
Being standards based means that your favorite application will work with us. Use IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, and more. The service works with windows, OSX, and unix. It is operating system independent.
Full encryption means nobody can tell what you are mailing, receiving, surfing, instant messaging, or anything else you may do on the Internet.
Protect yourself from snooping family members, isp techs, or anyone else who may have access to your network.
This is our Internet Shield service and everything you read above is included for only $5.95 a month.

Add a high speed socks proxy to it and it becomes our Socks Plus service for only $9.95 a month.

If you only want our e-mail, that is our Email Only service and it is only $25 per six month block.

We offer discounts on all of our services:

For every six months purchased you get an additional free month. Seven months for the price of six. Fourteen months for the price of twelve. And so on with every service.

Group and business discounts also available.

We offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, if you find it doesn't suit you (for any reason) within the first thirty days, just cancel requesting a refund and get your money back.

Go ahead, compare us feature for feature to anyone else. You'll be back.

Yes, there are some terms and restrictions

* We are not affilaited with craigslist, we are only using them as a design example.
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Wjedz na frazeologia.pl tam ci zrobią ;* tylko wpisz ;) albo słowniki freazologiczne online ;)