Nie wiem czy bedzię todobre, ale myślę że tak
to jest opis przyjaciela...[opowiadanie o nim]

My friend's name is Tomek. We've met in Warsaw , in a very interesting cafe called " The Manson". There were NO places in the cafe , so the waiter told us to sit together. He is 14 , he lives live in Vilafranca del Penedes, but he was born in Moroko.
He likes cars and a computer games, his favourite car is Audi A3, likes surf on the internet, listen to music on his favourite ipod, play and watch football games in TV, and likes to study.
His favourite sport is football - he has an apsolute obsession on watching football everyday.His favourite food is pizza - especially pepperoni .I like Tomek because he is extremely funny , inteligent and smart. We are both best friends and I hope that our friendship will continue for many years.
Mam nadzieję że myślone a nie jakieś logiczne xD
(napisałam takie na angielski i dostałam 5+!!!!)
First she telephoned to her friend.
"Katy, really, I saw a men and a women. They talked, I don't know about what. And... he gave to her a lot of roses. And it was a film plan, and I'm on it! Do you understand, Allie? It is my life chance!"

Serio to było o zabójstwie ale wątpię czy pani sie zadowoli